Saharchin family

There is a special atmosphere in Saharchin food industry that its semantic and functional understanding is in common between three words: enthusiasm, innovation and self-confidence.  Enthusiasm is the motivating factor and stimulant of this organization.  The spontaneity and dynamism of the entire group of active colleagues in this organization, in a coherent and integrated organization, has created a dynamic and adaptable organization with the fluid nature of business activity.  Self-confidence is a indicator of the Saharchin food industry, an ability that is a key factor in taking long steps and accepting the risk of turning change into opportunity.  Innovation, which is the most important tool for achieving the goals set by applying new approaches, has been obtained only from a different and distinct thinking pattern from other competitors;  A model that is on the one hand the result of the method of selecting and attracting human resources and on the other hand is the result of teaching a different way of thinking.
 The obvious  phase of this atmosphere in Saharchin food industry is the adaptability of this organization in changing its approach from import to production and then export after the changes in Iran's macro-trade relations with other countries.  Saharchin believes in a strong and effective presence in the Iranian and world markets, and the goal of this organization is to spread the feeling of good eating and drinking by producing healthy products made from the best raw materials.

About Saharchin

The Saharchin family is an umbrella-like concept that we are proud to organize.An umbrella that includes different groups of human society.
 This large family, which is growing at a remarkable rate,has all come together through shared experiences, it feels good to eat and drink this shared experience.
The Saharchin family includes all consumers of the organization's products, who have experienced the feeling of eating and drinking well with the consumption of the organization's products and are free from human demarcation .These people can be considered as people who place a high value on the first place of man and paying attention to his emotional and sensory dimensions.
Another group of members of this family are those who have a share in the production and distribution of the organization's products, will be in the role of suppliers of quality materials for production or will be informed and reliable sellers.

Saharchin Food Industries has designed a special role for the members of this large family: a human-oriented and humanizing role.
Each member of this family is a worthy ambassador and a powerful preacher in the propagation of good human feelings, so whenever they take this role seriously and competently, Saharchin considers it his duty to support and support the valuable movements of his family members.

Address: fourth office floor, Mirdamad Grand Bazaar, Mirdamad Boulevard, Tehran
Contact phone: +982188880831