Saharchin's goals

We are responsible to human,society and the environment.
Our human resources are our precious assets and the excellence of our organization is reflected in the growth, peace, prosperity and dignity of our human resources.
Regardless of who owns our tangible and intangible assets, our human resources and managers consider these assets to be public assets and believe that the productivity of these assets is a factor of goodness, blessing and creating benefit for all.
Our business competitors are our partners, and we strive to compete and fellowship with our competitors and avoid exclusivism and totalitarianism.
 In addition to producing and offering Iranian products and brands, we strive to be a good representative of the rich culture and civilization of Iranians of all ethnicities, languages, races and beliefs.

Address: fourth office floor, Mirdamad Grand Bazaar, Mirdamad Boulevard, Tehran
Contact phone: +982188880831