Sextuple departments of Saharchin food industry

Six departments are responsible for organizing the Saharchin food industry.  The interactive and coherent movement of these departments is one of the factors of Saharchin's success from the first stages of planning to the last steps of consumer protection.  These six sections try to advertise the belief that the value-oriented view of the Saharchin food industry conveys a sense of well-being through eating and drinking to members of the Saharchin family and through them to all people.

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Planning and Strategy Studies center

By focusing on the diverse inclinations and interests of consumers, monitoring global, regional and national changes in the production and supply of food industry products and integrating organizational experiences, tries to determine the appropriate strategy to achieve the goals set in the strategic plan of the organization.

Sales Department

It is responsible for facilitating the supply of products by creating a beneficial relationship between the chain of sales to presentation to buyers.  In order to optimize the processes of this section , the stability of the presence of sales experts of the organization and segmentation of the country's market into several areas based on the specialized area of ​​activity, on the one hand has contributed to the unity of the organization in dealing with efficiency chain and on the other hand  the knowledge of sales experts about the characteristics of each city or region will help.

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Export Department

Saharchin Food Industries seeks new markets by expanding the concept of "good sense of eating and drinking" and adding new members to the Saharchin family, ignoring linguistic, national and ethnographic boundaries, and reaching out to diverse audiences in the whole world in its goals.  Since presence in the export and global market requires basic information from the target country, development of export programs, design and regulation of legal, commercial, customs and transportation structures, formation of expedition and admission trade delegations, so in Saharchin food industry these tasks are in charge of the export department.

Promotion Department

By choosing the goal of influencing consumers, the need for a strong and effective presence in the field of competition has become more important.  This is done by the promotion department by facilitating communication, planning to build strong relationships, and finally designing the challenging needed.

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Administrative and Financial Department

Taking the necessary measures for the improvement and development and proper use of human, financial, intelligence and physical resources of any organization is the most important job description of this department.  Due to the importance of utilizing efficient manpower in Saharchin food industry, supply and specialized optimization of manpower is one of the most important programs of this department.

Supply and Production Department

On the one hand, with the aim of quality, this department seeks to perpetuate relations with suppliers who have a view in line with the values ​​of Saharchin food industry in the direction of healthy production.  On the other hand, by designing unique formulations for products, it helps to create special products and motivate a good feeling by eating and drinking.

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