Saharchin vision

According to the mission of Saharchin Food Industries Group and the goals and aspirations of the founders, the five-year and twenty-year vision of Saharchin Food Industries Group is as follows:
Five-year vision: As the most agile beverage company in the Iranian market, we have provided the most diverse portfolio of brands and categories of beverage products for the various needs of the Iranian market, and some of our brands are market leaders in some product categories, such as energy drinks. We are the largest Iranian exporter of beverages.
Twenty-year vision: We are the most innovative Iranian company in the food and beverage industry and the supplier of the largest number of food and beverage brands compared to other food industry companies active in the Iranian market.

Address: fourth office floor, Mirdamad Grand Bazaar, Mirdamad Boulevard, Tehran
Contact phone: +982188880831