TNT had invited the audience to cross the sea.  TNT MOMENT is the moment of confronting the great truth, the realities that have not been seen or ignored.  A moment that takes courage to experience and may be accompanied by self-immolation before doing something miraculous.
These are the moments we have truly lived, the moments on which the value of life is measured, the moments of living while understanding and living without worrying about how to live.  If the passing of the clock shows the normal moments of life, TNT MOMENT is the moment when the clock stops moving.
TNT MOMENT is the moment of encountering the land of new perceptions, a land called TNT LAND.  Every trip in this land is a completely new and unique experience that is from every human life. It is the beginning of an amazing TNT TRIP journey.
TNT MOMENT are the moments when we believe our lives and divided into before and after!  And life is nothing but these indescribable short moments!

Suddenly I saw him sing to me, "There is a human and constant exercise going on, an exercise of saffron perception, colorful and fragrant and joyful. "Everything is stretched, everything is stretched in a constant flow in an infinite direction. In this valley, the direction of all the stretches of the universe is parallel." There was no me and him. We were all.

TNT Land

Welcome to the land of wonders, the land behind the gates of perception, the land of ever-naked truths, and the land of understanding multilayered truths!
In this strange land, nothing you are used to is useful and maybe it is used in a way that I do not think!  In this land, things and people are noticed from a side that is hard to believe and out of sight!  Is it difficult to travel to TNT LAND?  No, it happens to be a unique experience if a companion accompanies with all the cool TNT Trip tools and equipment!  That's why TNT is with you.

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